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Games for anxiety


In therapy this morning, my doc and I were talking about coping techniques, since I’ve been having higher levels of anxiety and more PTSD episodes recently. 

When I’m in that pre-anxiety stage—you know that part where you can feel the panic rising, but there’s still time to prevent a full on meltdown? When I’m at that stage, the best thing for me is repetitive, calm action that involves my hands and a little bit of my brain. A distraction.

Piano, meditation, coloring, needlework are all excellent, but not always practical. And sometimes I need something fast.

Best thing for me? Games. I thought I’d share my favorites.

Online—No thinking required

  • Not a game, but very soothing images along with calm music and guided meditations in short increments. Good place to start. (Free)
  • Orisinal Games: collection of simple in browser games with pretty graphics. Favorites for relaxing play are “The Crossing” and “Wings over Water”. (Free)
  • Music Catch 2:  Collect musical notes as they fall in time to instrumental music. Particularly good if you find rhythm to be calming. (Free)
  • Flower Reaction:  VERY simple game with nice music. (Free)
  • Fishing Girl:  Go fishing with cute graphics and soft music. (Free)

Online—Puzzle, a little thinking required

  • Loops of Zen:  Puzzle game with ambient music. (Free)
  • Auditorium:  Part puzzle, part just moving a mouse around, all with great music. (Free)
  • Machinarium: Amazing puzzle game in an immersive world. If you like Myst, Limbo etc, you will like this. One of my favorite games of all time. (Free demo)

Mobile games for when you’re out and need a distraction

  • Lyne (iPhone, Android):  Puzzle game. Trace lines with your fingers to solve—very soothing and takes a little concentration. Constantly updated with new puzzles. ($2.99)
  • Quell Reflect (iPhone, Android):  Move a silver ball through the puzzles to collect raindrops. Amazing soundtrack and sometimes quite challenging at higher levels. ($.99)
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"Blood is not the only sign that someone’s in pain."

— “10 Word Poem" series - #78 (via soulsscrawl)
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Song Tse

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"You’re a straight up, certifiable, cop-killing murderer and they’re scared of you.”
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Dante: ur staying *literally falling asleep on his feet*

Ivory: br u h



       protect. that’s a word that stirs him from his previously prone position. almost callous in the way he dismisses the kindness offered to him but for lack of a better word he simply could not bear that. not this. not now. the devil hunter gave a show of shrugging his shoulders and the resulting cracking of bone gives way to a fractured sigh. for a time azure avoided the innocent emeraude. she was a thin shaft of light through the darkness that seemed so keen on digging it’s claws into him.

       the damage of time lay beneath the skin and coiled comfortably within the confines of his mind. he was off his game. he was beyond the realm of exhaustion yet still his body managed to remain upright. the man wasn’t so sure if this was a blessing or a curse given this moment. he decided he’d see that through another time when he dragged his sorry ass back from another mission.

       ‘ ivory. ’

       his tone was tentative. something so outlandish it lay heavy on his tongue. no playful bite. no jovial flicker in those eyes. simply as it were. dull. features drawn and haggard, he gave a dismissive wave.

       ‘ rebellion’ll be enough. you can stay behind this time. ’

       there was no impereative location. out was all he cared for. and it was unfair to keep up the erratic pace he imposed on her, her sibling - even rebellion. though the latter offered nothing more than silence now.


    And she pulls back from the warmth, the familiarity that is him, Master and all; eyes downcast as vanilla-blonde tresses spill ov’r her frail shoulders, wisps of bangs framing her mien as silence took hold of the anthropomorphic gun. Self-doubt seeps into her wheeled mind as would blood stain snow, her p r i d e as his right-hand deflates in a slight manner. Queries begin to arise within herself, was she not good enough? Would she no longer suffice? Had she become rusted and useless, unbeknownst to her? Despondent is she, from the mere utterance of his words and the guttural tone, ❝ O-Oh. ❞

   The wave of dismissal is what t r u l y pangs her heart, ceasing the cogs that fueled the gun grease veins therein her being for a stilled moment. As if she were not worth the speech of what bothered him. Of why he was truly standing before her in his deadened state of weariness.

     Mask of masks.

                      ❝ I… ❞

   She trails off, her voice soft and dispersing into the stagnant air of The Shop like gun smoke wafting from her barrel. The thrum of her heart, bangs and loud like her gunshots are concealed in her throat like swallowing a violent storm, she finds she cannot speak and only f e e l the inevitable of the pit in her stomach.

                                      N o.

   As if a clicking of her trigger being pulled, she knew better. Was she not his right-hand? The white death? One who heralded Death on his pale horse? A companion, a friend, perhaps d a u g h t e r in the most human terms. Through the rise and fall of Temen-n-guru, through Mallet Island and Fortuna, through it all…Was she not there at his side constantly?

     Her skin has turned from porcelain, to i v o r y and to steel. Do not forget.

   ❝ I will go. You do not wish to rest, though you require it beyond every reason, I know you will not heed my words, Master. So, I will go as well. You cannot say otherwise. ❞

Stubborness is worn with such grace as is the undying concern and loyalty to the devil hunter in her eyes that gleamed with ferocity. Her lips are pressed into a thin line, a stare that she would not break even if he ignored her. She would be sure to follow.

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