As always, there is a watchful eye of the unholy emperor’s overlooking the order and progress of his reassembling. A presence disconnected from his dark hold lingered enough to catch his curiosity and soon enough land his attention. Who is this trespasser? A statue of his younger image posed behind the hidden female spoke once with malevolent vocals to gain her attention, manifesting “flesh” as a more human appearance took form.


❝What do we have here?❞ 

   She turns at instant to the tone and source of such a query; so close, so near, as if the mere boom of it’s voice vibrated through her bones. Eyes of verdant widen at first before they resettle, gazing at the unsullied statue in perplexion. So soon to get caught? She should have known!

   Shoot now or ask questions—?

                             ❝ —…Perhaps you tell me? ❞

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  "He's just going to sit there, blinking stupidly while he stares."

   And she is going to do the same, if only lean back slightly because boundaries, ❝ Y-Yes? ❞

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Amber eyes could not keep from wandering as he stepped through, skimming over the devil arms and other paraphernalia decorating the walls. “I am honored to hear that. I can never be too certain about how he feels about me, but I trust that you two are truthful with one another.”

Upon finishing the sweep around the main room, his gaze settled back on the gun. “Have I come at a bad time? You sound a bit nervous.” 

 The door clicks with ease as she closes it behind her, a soft smile upon her lips given to his back. Perhaps he truly did miss this place? Even Master? Silent musings had within her wheeled mind, all not voiced but settling therein her being as she continued to watch him survey The Shop. ❝ Master is Master. ❞ A saying she had said often, even thought beforehand. ❝  I do not doubt him. He will say one thing but mean the other with his actions, this I have noticed since being carried by him all these years. ❞

   His query startles her and the gun merely shakes her head, ❝ N-No, I just…Ahm, I am glad to see you safe and returned. ❞

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"do you want me to write the starter?"

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{♤};;— A smile spreads across pallid lips as she gazes at the milky-white petals of the flower Ivory touched. Petals had already started to unfold under the soft glow of the moon.

            ❝I never knew that— I preoccupy myself with worrying over some of my
              dogs trying to eat them that I never researched what type of flowers I
              had growing in my backyard.

    Silvery eyes glanced over at Ivory with a soft chuckle, wondering how long Ivory had known about flowers. It must’ve been nice to be able to see the flowers and know what they were— to know the symbolism behind them.

        ❝ O-Oh. Your dogs…Are flower eaters? ❞ Oh no.

  Arm had been raised as pallid digits raked through vanilla-gold tresses, seeking scalp for nails to scratch. Concern for the rare flora is worn akin to a veil, nigh masked but peeking through. Who could consume such fragile, pretty things?

                      No, she knew.

   ❝ Ahm. Perhaps we can place them in a safer spot, yes? T-The flowers, I mean. Your dogs are safe, n-not that they were not—Erm. ❞ Pink dusts her cheeks in slight embarrassment, her words stumbling over one another as she casted her gaze back at the pure flowers.

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"[She bites God in the wrist]"

stage direction from Artaud’s The Jet of Blood
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"I’ve missed you too sister." Ebony purred again, running a hand through her sister’s long golden hair; silken and smooth as always. Forever unchanged and innocent and happy. So much envy for her sweet sister. But instead of nearly feeling petty she was just happy, so happy.

   ❝ Do not leave me alone again, please. ❞ She w h i s p e r s the wish into those obsidian strands, delicate nose catching the scent that belonged to no other than her twin. She was here. Finally. And for once, she could embrace and speak to her sister as she could not before. From gunmetal to flesh. To convey emotions, whether by touch or speech.

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2900 follower giveaway ;


as a thank you to my friends & followers, i am pleased to announce an impromptu giveaway, as i have always highly enjoyed creating graphics of all kinds. i just want to give back to the community that has already given me so much and shown me such kindness. just what are the prizes?

i offer ONE WINNER A FULLY CUSTOMIZED THEME, CODED FROM SCRATCH ( original code, i do not do heavy edits on pre-existing codes ) & with its respective background graphic based on the mood of the blog and character being portrayed.

TWO MORE WINNERS will each receive a pack of 40 icons of the respective character/faceclaim, either raw or with colorings/borders/textures, your call.

RULES? you must be following me, no exceptions. only reblogs count, 1 per blog & you have until october 7th to participate.

examples of finished themes ; 





examples of icons ;


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I hate labels, I am who I am and I love who I l o v e.”
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